Sebastiaan Inghelbrecht

Sebastiaan Inghelbrecht (1978) is a Belgian Composer


He studied at the Conservatory of his native town Bruges: piano with Jo Boudolf, organ with Ignace Michiels and musical notation with Octaaf Van Geert.


As a 13-years old he accompanied the eucharist for the first time in the Saint-Saviours-Cathedral of Bruges. In 1994 he was appointed as organist to the church of the Capuchins in Bruges and also at the Holy Bloodbasilica in Bruges from 2003 till 2012.


After the Brugean Conservatory he studied at the renowned Lemmens Institute at Louvain. Here he studied organ, music education, and compostion.


From 1998, Inghelbrecht became active as choirmaster. In 2002 he directed not only his first musical "Iduna", but also his first carillonwork "Città Bel-lissima", which had its première on the carillon of the Brugean Belfry, and with which he won the "Carillon composition Award 2002". He would win several compositionprizes later on.


In addition to his regular work as a teacher (solfège, composition and piano) at the Academies of Aalter and Damme, he is also active as a composer of vocal and instrumental music. He writes songs and musicals as well as polyphonic choirmusic, compositions for piano, organ, carillon, string-quartet, chambermusic and orchestral works.

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